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Course Reserves System for University Library and for Herron Art Library

Welcome IUPUI Instructors!

1. "Login" using your campus network ID and password.

2. Select the "Manage My Shelved Course Reserves" option that appears in the left margin.

Then use the system features that become available in order to submit your online requests to put hard-copy media (e.g., books, DVDs, printed course packs) on course reserves at the circulation desk of the library you specify.

  • If the library owns an item that you are requesting for reserves, your work is done after you submit your online request - we do the rest!

  • Otherwise simply deliver the item to the library's circulation desk after submitting your online request.

Students use IUCAT to learn what class reserves are currently available for checkout. CLICK HERE for the "Class Reserves" search screen in IUCAT.